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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, you can do so by proper planning and smart shopping. You can use these tips for your grocery shopping:

1. Develop a game plan: before you head out for your shopping, choose where you want to shop (where you can find very good deals). This way you are organized and you are able to rethink your food choices and make healthier choices, you’ll be able to save some money as well.

2. Shop with a list-this will help you to shop without forgetting the important items.

3. Shop the flyers- this way you can know the in-store specials and make use of coupons.

4. When shopping the aisles be aware of marketing strategies, compare higher and lower shelves for similar products at better prices.

5. Your shopping should include at least 25% of fruits and vegetables.

6. Shop frozen foods last to make sure they remain frozen till you get home.

In summary, list your meals, make your grocery lists, save more at the store!


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