The Empowerment challenge!
The Empowerment Challenge – Week 3
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Week 2: Empower your glass!

This week on the empowerment challenge, you need to empower your glass! Substitute water for sugary drinks. You can add some slices of cucumber, lemon, watermelon or strawberry to your water for a flavored taste. Think and drink water when you feel thirsty, water is good for you. It increases your energy and reduces fatigue, helps to remove toxins from the body, promotes weight loss, aids in digestion, reduces constipation, and helps you save money! When you choose water over sugary drinks, you are not only keeping yourself healthy, you are also saving some money!  Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol as well.

Let this be your goal this week : drink water instead of sugary drinks.


chart: American Heart Association.


Fisayo Adegoke (MS, CHC)

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