Diabetes (contd)
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Hydration is very important. To hydrate means to supply water to a person in order to restore or maintain a balance of fluids.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration are headache, dizziness,visual disturbances,mental confusion, loss of consciousness, dark urine, vomiting,collapse, loss of coordination, cramps, and nausea.

If you start to experience signs and symptoms, remove yourself from the sun and get into a cooler area, drink fluids, apply ice to cramping areas, if symptoms continue, rapidly cool your body and go to the nearest emergency.

To prevent dehydration, always drink lots of water, reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol and energy drinks because they increase the risk of dehydration.

You can also add some slices of fruits like lemon, watermelon, cucumber to your water for a flavored taste.



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