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A lot of people ask me about the role of a health coach or why they need one. If you are thinking of boosting your fitness, taking your health and fitness to the next level or working on your health goals, then you should consider seeing a health coach.

A health coach can help you in your health and fitness journey especially if you have challenges or barriers to meeting your goals. Health Coaches help their clients to set their goals, develop methods and strategies to overcome obstacles and work with them to achieve their fitness or wellness goals. Many people find it difficult to be consistent with their decisions to eat healthy or exercise. A health coach offers assistance and also empowers his or her client to create a positive change in their lives. Health coaches can give a bit of help with behavior change, however, they are not mental experts or psychologists. They also work with a network of health professionals in order to create a comprehensive or detailed wellness approach for each client.

In addition, health coaches can give basic nutritional guidance and help you reach your nutrition goals. They can give advice on how to structure your meals, balance nutrients and reach your goal weight, especially if you don’t have specific nutrition goals or you are uncertain about how to start your healthy eating journey. Health coaches can give great nutrition resources but cannot give specific nutrition advice to those who have medical complications. Health coaches motivate and empower their clients to be able to help themselves by providing tools for clients to create their own meal plans and grocery shopping lists.

People who have a strong network of support from friends and family, or even a social media community tend to have a greater chance of reaching their fitness goals than those who try to achieve this alone. Your health coach can help you identify people in your life who can support you in making lifestyle changes and also help you connect with those you can support as well.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a health coach, now is a great time to do so! They help to support and motivate their clients to a healthy lifestyle.


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